AFL-CIO Endorses Elaine Marshall for Senate

No one should tell you how to vote. That’s your decision. But you’re an e-activist—you’re the kind of person who votes—so we want to share this information with you.

After researching the candidates’ positions, the AFL-CIO has endorsed Elaine Marshall because she will put working families first.

No matter whom you’re voting for, though, don’t miss your chance to vote. It’s easy for last-minute logistical problems to get in the way. When will you vote? And how will you get to the polls? These elections are too important to leave things to chance. That’s why, this year, record numbers of working people aren’t waiting until Nov. 2—they’re voting early.

Don’t leave things to chance. Don’t miss your chance to vote because of the rain, a flat tire or an emergency at work. Avoid the crowds. Find your early voting location.

Here are some of the reasons the AFL-CIO has endorsed Elaine Marshall:

U.S. Senate


• Marshall opposes unfair trade deals that cost North Carolina 34,000 jobs. She says, “Had we paid attention to [unions], we might not have NAFTA and CAFTA.” (Economic Policy Institute Briefing Paper #173, 9/28/06; Sun Journal, 4/26/10)

• Marshall will make sure seniors get the full Social Security benefits they deserve and she opposes gambling retirement security in the volatile stock market. (Candidate website, accessed 7/16/10)

• Marshall cracked down on Wall Street banks and local financial scam artists as secretary of state, recovering more than $500 million from Wall Street to invest in our state. (Candidate questionnaire, Independent Weekly, 4/14/10)


• Burr voted for the job-killing trade agreement CAFTA. (S. 1307, Vote 170, 6/30/05; The Herald-Sun, 12/3/05)

• Burr voted to privatize Social Security. (S.Con.Res. 83, Vote 68, 3/16/06; Winston-Salem Journal, 3/30/05)

• Burr, who has received more than $1 million in campaign contributions from banks and the insurance industry, voted against Wall Street reform. (Center for Responsive Politics, accessed 8/5/10; H.R. 4173, Vote 208, 7/15/10)

Check the facts on the candidates for U.S. Senate. Then you decide. And whatever you decide, please vote.

Don’t be one of the few online activists who sit out this election. Too much is at stake. Across the country, we expect high voter turnout in tight races. Don’t let someone else decide this election for you. Make your voice heard by voting early. Find your early voting location.

Thanks for voting in support of working families.

Working Families e-Activist Network, AFL-CIO

P.S. Across the country, we’re expecting high voter turnout in many close races. You can’t count on others to vote for your interests. So please make solid plans now to vote Nov. 2. And encourage others to vote.




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